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Welcome to our site! Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions by giving us a call! 

Check out our link for how to measure your student for instrument size! If you provide us with this number, we can get you sized for a rental completely contactless!

Our Sizing Video!

It's our end of the year Christmas sale time (sorry we missed thanksgiving)!

From now until December 23rd, you can come in and take 20% off any new instrument or outfit. Rental discounts for our current customers in good standing also apply (before the 20% of course). What does that look like? It looks like a new cello at 3000-rental-20% potential of walking away spending only $1275 + tax!!!!

Fine print: unfortunately, no payment plans for this sale, so must be paid in full. Bonus: we will still allow you to take off 5% if you pay in full with cash or written check.

Be quick! Stock is low from Covid affecting our resupply, but we're still going to do our sale!!!!

**Oklahoma Strings Protective Procedures**

*Please call ahead if you are interested in purchasing or viewing instruments for sale. We are limiting the number of people in the shop at a given time to follow national standards. Our front lobby can comfortably handle only one family at a time, or up to three individuals. For instrument viewing, there really is only room for one customer/family at a time.

*When interacting with the public, staff will wear a face covering or mask. While we aren’t requiring masks for our customers, the national guidelines and Oklahoma leadership are encouraging facial coverings in enclosed public places.

*Curbside service will continue to be offered. Just call us from the parking lot during our normal business hours and we’ll come out to retrieve the instrument.

*Payments can be made through the BillerGenie Portal: Here

*Payments can also be made from the parking lot, checks or card are preferred for this method.


Christo Contreras

We know there are a lot of concerns over the virus spreading, so here are a few things to keep in mind with your instruments.

  1. DO NOT USE ANY CLEANERS ON YOUR INSTRUMENTS* You CAN use wipes or a damp cloth, NOT WET, with alcohol ONLY on the STRINGS, FINGERBOARD, and EBONY CHINRESTS. Plastic will discolor, and dyed wood will be ruined. Under no circumstance should you use any cleaner on the varnished surfaces or you WILL damage your instrument. See our YouTube video for details.

  2. If you suspect you have an infection, don’t let anyone else touch your instrument. Bring it to us and we’ll do a basic alcohol cleaning on the instrument.

  3. All our deep cleaning (full tear down, varnish cleaning, peg cleaning) charges will be reduced in price for the duration of the infection. In most cases, deep cleaning is not necessary, however, we will continue to offer the service. Our deep cleaning can involve alcohol and french polishing methods to decontaminate a viral instrument upon request. Christo even has a method to use sanitizer, though it is risky!

  4. If you suspect you have an infection, please let us know upon returning any instrument.

An additional note for peace of mind: Our rentals go through deep cleaning every time the return from service. This includes using alcohol to clean all the strings (or replacing them completely), and over all the ebony/composite parts. We take this seriously, and do not want the spread of infection through our musical instruments.

Check out our channel for detailed how-to’s, including cleaning :)

Oklahoma Strings YouTube Channel

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Christopher Contreras, Owner/Luthier

Christopher Contreras, Owner/Luthier

5013 N Rockwell Ave

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Oklahoma Strings was founded in 1987 by Joseph and Anne Guevara to provide repair and rental services to our public schools. The Oklahoma Strings Violin Shop llc. provides affordable access to orchestral stringed instruments for musicians of all ages and backgrounds.

All our instrument repairs are done in shop; including open seams and complete rebuilds, bow rehairs and windings, even as far as building custom violins, violas, and cellos using traditional techniques. We also adjust or setup from scratch the instruments we sell! No two instruments are identical, so be sure to check out all we have to offer and compare our setup! Our Eastman 100 will definitely sound different from one online, and even if we have two identically setup, they will have their own unique characteristics. In keeping with our mission, our pricing structure is under constant review. Our goal is always to offer superior service while keeping costs affordable.

We approach every repair from the traditional, accepted repair practices handed down through generations of master luthiers. Our pricing model is time based, adjusted to be affordable and competitive. Most of our materials are made in shop, from varnishes to glue. We also utilize varnishes made by the top specialists in the country, keeping small batches on hand for new instruments. 

Even with standard pricing, we often come across unique instruments and "attic violins" needing to be played, but maybe not worth the full cost of a traditional repair. We understand not every violin is a Stradivari, and offer unconventional repairs to "make it work" when all other options are exhausted. For example, we won't charge you for a neck graft (a very expensive and time consuming project) to repair a break on a beginner violin. We don't go crazy, but don't be afraid to ask us if it can be fixed before you throw away your instrument! We pride ourselves on our honesty, and will never push you to buying something you do not need or want.

We focus on quality. We are always looking for the most affordable properly made instruments, without compromising the standards of quality. What this means is if you buy an instrument from me, you know you are getting a properly made violin, viola, bass, or cello!

Finally, we are always learning. Our small team has professional training through workshops all over the country, with careful study on multiple methods of repair. We pool our resources from other luthiers, bow specialists, and dealers, private study of texts from masters several hundred years old, and modern techniques just being discovered and mastered.

And most important: our customers. Thank you for all the kind words, the encouragement, and word of mouth recommendations. We love answering your questions and talking about our instruments from their birth in the tree to the fine instrument in your hand. Thank you all who continue to give us your business!

-Christo Contreras

Owner and Luthier